Let’s Talk Videos

Remington Blake

Remington is the main character. He is in his early 20’s. He’s distracted, reserved, tidy, and organized. Undriven. He works as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman and lives with his brother Everett.

Nora Paisley

Nora is the love interest. She is in her early twenties, dressed in vintage and punk. She is undisciplined, artistic, isolated, and a bit snarky. She’s trying to do her best, though, amidst it all.

Everett Blake

Everett is Remington’s older brother – facetious, overbearing, but caring. He dresses a bit 90’s, is a bit sloppy, and won’t get rid of his spiky haircut.

Emily Dodd

Emily is Everett’s lively fiancée and friend and confidante to Remington. She is spirited, fanciful, elegant, and factual.


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