Wait, when are you filming, again?


Yep, it’s changed.

August 15th. Why? Why not just forsake all caution and run headlong into the wind? Well, I had a friend recently ride his bicycle across the country to raise support for an anti-sex trafficking group called To Be Free. He started out on the East Coast (D.C.) and pressed on towards California, to the sea. What he didn’t realize is that he had it backwards. He soon realized something was wrong when his planned 100 mile days turned to more like 50, or less. The wind was blowing. Right in his face. Apparently, he found out by talking with other touring bicyclists, the wind most often moves from West to East. He was going the wrong direction. Did he press on, swallow his mistake, and suffer the consequences?

Heck no.

He got a ride to California and started the other direction. He covered our little continent of ours, but he was smart about it, and avoided unnecessary difficulties. That’s what we’re doing. The wind was in our face, and we decided, let’s hitch a ride to smart. Smart is 2 months instead of two weeks. Smart is, we believe in this film too much to do it a disservice.

So, here’s to working smart, and working hard when you need to. (And we’re pretty much always working hard.)

Oh, and the above is a poster we might be putting up for sale. Get a little pre-production in your home.


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