Drink & Think: REM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 3.17.22 PM

So, our Kickstarter is launching this Saturday, May 4th, and we need your help. But help doesn’t come without rewards.

Kevin Roden, a popular City Councilman, is hosting a special “Drink & Think” event to kick off our Kickstarter. It will occur at 9:00 pm CST, the day of the launch. He has been hosting these events for years, and they have become a staple of Denton culture.

Drink & Think: REM on Facebook

We will be discussing – not only the film, its story, and our plans for Denton filmmaking future – but also the broad topics of dreams and deja vu’s which take great prominence in the themes of the film. Get ready to share some of your strange experiences with dreams and the common experiences we all experience that seem to supersede the natural.

We will also be showing our Kickstarter video that works as part teaser/part informational and shot completely on the A-Train and having laptops available to join in on the project as a “Backer.”

Afterwards, we will screen a wonderful film that is one of our favorites. So, besides drinks, flavored popcorn (bacon included,) and good conversation, you’ll get a movie, too. Hope you enjoy yourselves. We certainly will.


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