The Cast Is All Here

Well, almost. We are still searching for our Mr. Dodd and William Dodd (who might be going through some unique changes.)

But we have our main cast and are excited to introduce them to you. Meet, for the first time, Remington, Nora, Everett, Emily, Jennifer, and Mrs. Dodd.

Remington Blake
Travis Grant


Travis currently lives in L.A. He will be traveling to Denton for the role, so we look forward to introducing him to Little D and working with him as he brings great depth to the role of Remington Blake. Let’s just hope he’s prepared for all the Tex-Mex.

Nora Paisley
Sarah Byington


Sarah came up all the way from Austin for her audition. Her dedication is only matched by her raw representation of Nora. Besides her work in front of a camera, though, she has plenty of work behind it as a writer, editor, producer, and more.

Everett Blake
Trey Tucker


Trey is an actor (obviously,) web developer, and model out of the DFW area. Though we had some other ideas for the role, his audition completely won us over. We are eagerly anticipating his participation in the film and in bringing Everett to life.

Emily Dodd
Danielle Beacham


Danielle is sweet and boisterous, kind of like Emily. She is from the DFW area and is almost as excited to be on the project as we are to have her. It’s interesting to write characters then meet them in real life. With Danielle, it was a pleasure to finally meet Emily. Soon, you will, too.

Justis James Phillips


Justis is a Denton local who might be seen spouting some poems at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios late at night, or just biking around town in the sunny afternoon. What we’re excited about, though, is her exuberant portrayal of Emily’s maid of honor.

Mrs. Dodd
Leslie Harbin


Leslie is a part of the Dallas community, and an actress with great talent. And, no, we didn’t just cast her because of her red hair. It is, however, good luck to have a ginger on the cast. Glad it’s Leslie.


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