Initial Auditions Are Complete


Auditions, what a couple of days! From 12 pm ’til 9 pm on Saturday, Jeremy, the team, and I watched several talented people cry, yell, and bust out their best for these parts. Then the stellar auditions yesterday at our third location. Thank you for everyone who came out this weekend. We were certainly impressed. Video auditions are coming in Tuesday, and the call backs being decided Wednesday.

In the meantime, I will be posting the last two videos of the “Let’s Talk” series and giving you some more updates on crew and the upcoming Kickstarter we will be doing. We’re going to need your help to make this movie a reality, and you won’t go unrewarded for your support. We’re cooking up a lot of cool prizes for your donations (private viewing, anyone?)

Also, keep your eyes out for an Instagram contest coming soon. Nothing better than getting rewarded for some grainy photograph you took with your phone. Follow us at @rem_film to get something a little more than numbered hearts on your Instagram profile.

– Gabriel


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