New Crew Members!

Some new crew has been added to the team, three talented individuals.

DanRouthAs of Thursday, Daniel Routh is now on the team as a Camera Operator. Check his website out. It’s great.

SarahWellsThe talented Sarah Wells came onto our team as our Wardrobe Stylist yesterday. Very creative, even has her own clothing line, Threadwell.

DaltonKaneAnd Dalton Kane has come on as Producer. If he rides onto set with his new motorcycle, though, we might have to fire him for out-awesoming the directors. It’s bad taste, you know. He runs a marketing firm called Skinny Book Creative, in which he is very skinny, bookish, and creative. No riddles there. He’s also a talented writer (though he’d never tell you that in person.) Get prepared for some quirky behind the scenes photos with this one.

I’m sure I’ll have more to update soon, now that our Crew Application is up and running. Fill one out, or check out the full crew here.


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