Roundtable I: The Table Wasn’t So Round


But it was successful.

Maybe a bit too successful. We got so carried away talking over characters, plot, and aspects of the script, that we only made it through the first 20 pages. Which is great. So much to build off of, more growth for our characters, and a better film for you coming this Fall.
(That’s right, I put it out there. Tentative release date.)

73347_10151657017898465_39404854_nWe cleared up some continuity and clarity issues, delved into character development, and got to the heart of some of our complex characters, who are deepening as the final draft nears.

Also, it was a great meet & greet. Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Composer, and two great friends who have experience in writing and acting were all able to make it to the first chat. There’s been a lot of individual chatter (me on porches talking plot, Jeremy chatting characters with friends, Ryan dreaming up camera angles,) but it was great to finally come together as a group focused in on this story.


Roundtable II is happening this weekend, as well.

Hopefully we’ll be able to make it through the rest of the script (a daunting, but exciting task) so I can get cracking on our near-final draft. I have a day planned in the woods with a dear friend to do so. Nothing like adventure, nature, and starry nights to ignite the creative fires.


Also, audition applications open up tomorrow!

Get that clicker finger ready, because we will be holding the actual auditions starting next weekend! Lots of potentials already.

Gabriel Konkle

Photos by Ryan Polly


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