The Roundtable

The first roundtable is nearing us.

A roundtable is simply a gathering of individuals interested or involved in the production of a film to discuss the script, toss ideas, or plan aspects of production. The first roundtable for REM will be focused on the script. Several writers not otherwise associated with the film have been invited to join us in this first roundtable to offer their insights and critiques on the script. We haven’t even arrived at the roundtable yet, and I’ve already littered my copy of the script with notes. I’ve noticed similar scribblings on others’, too.

The next step after this roundtable is auditions.

So keep your ears perked. If you want to be considered for a role in the film, fill out the Audition Form starting Saturday.

Also coming soon is a series of video promos describing aspects of the plot and characters in more detail. Stay tuned.